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[2.1] Current State of Jhin In The Meta (Patch 2.1)

Patch 2.1
March 14, 2021 22:28

Current State of Jhin In The Meta (Patch 2.1)

Jhin seems to be performing poorly ever since patch 2.1, Fear not for I have found a viable way to play The Virtuouso again.

Introduction To 2.1 Meta

Ever Since 2.1 Meta has arrived Lulu has changed on how botlane is played. Being constantly picked in every game across all ranks and with her popularity comes in the rise of the Hyper Carries. Champions Such as Jinx and Kaisa has been dominating the Dragon lane meta.

I will show you the new way to play jhin despite the top tier ADC Picks.

Jhin's Viability.

Since Hyper Carries scaling into late game are popular since the appearance of Lulu and other High scaling Champions such as Orianna. Jhin has been struggling to fight back to gain his former glory. I have demoted many times from emerald 1 To emerald 4 limit testing the best possible playstyle for jhin. And ever since i discovered it, i managed to climb back again as jhin (Currently Emerald 2)

But if i were ever putting him in a Tier list with the S tiers being Kaisa,Jinx,MF and Draven. I'll say that jhin is in the A tier list as of now.

New Runes.

The most popular Jhin rune set is Basically Fleetfootwork into Triumph>Spirit walker>Sweetooth. But the set in general is starting to fail off due to the lack of damage early game to fight off the pokes of the S tier Champions.

Fleetfootwork Is definitely Still a viable as a keystone and you can still use it every time.

The new Runes Setup I'm Using is Electrocute + Champion. Ever since the nerf of Guardian AngelGuardian Angel people have been swaying away from the Champion rune because it's risky to take without Guardian AngelGuardian Angel To abuse the 10% Damage to Champions. Which is the point of Jhin, He's a Feast or Famine Champion in the current meta. You either Snowball or become useless because the nerfs he received before greatly reduced his performance in what he is now today.

Why Electrocute Jhin?

This is not something new but people are sleeping on it in wildrift, PC jhin will always take Electrocute against Hard matchups such as draven so there will be less of Trading damage gap between you. Electrocute essentially works like Press the Attack in PC but it's Jhin's own version of the rune. Jhin is the only ADC who can fully utilize electrocute due to his High AD scaling thanks to his WhisperWhisper .

There are lots of ways to Proc electrocute in long trades such as.

You get the idea. The general use of electrocute is for you to be more aggressive in lane with strong short trade pokes that will lead to better all in's once you have a good HP advantage.

New Build (RiP PD)

The main reason why I have demoted so low because I have been limit Testing Multiple Jhin builds. Trying them out in Practice and ranked, to the point that i almost gave up playing Jhin. Many failed builds such as Full Lethality, Full Standard Crit and a desperation attempt to try Double Infinity EdgeInfinity Edge . And i now fully build these exact Items everytime (In order).

  • Youmuu's GhostbladeYoumuu's Ghostblade : I have tried Building Youmuu's GhostbladeYoumuu's Ghostblade and Infinity EdgeInfinity Edge First item and it seems that Youmuu's GhostbladeYoumuu's Ghostblade Just stands out the most in terms of Gold efficiency and Stat wise. Infinity EdgeInfinity Edge Just have a weird build path that would lead to awkward recall timings
  • Infinity EdgeInfinity Edge : Still a core item on jhin due to his WhisperWhisper but it's not that efficient to rush it First item.
  • Rapid FirecannonRapid Firecannon : Still the best ZealZeal Based item and the amount of range it gives you for free kiting is amazing.
  • Statikk ShivStatikk Shiv : I have never liked this item on jhin and have Always preferred Phantom DancerPhantom Dancer it seems that the amount of damage i was losing was pretty noticeable without it. The fact that the bonus magic damage on hit can crit can surprise your damage output by a margin. You just burst anyone without armor with it.
  • Mortal ReminderMortal Reminder : you need some sort of armor shredding in the late game. This item will help you out on that, paired with Youmuu's GhostbladeYoumuu's Ghostblade you just delete Everyone who is squishy.
  • Boots of SwiftnessBoots of Swiftness : The best boots on jhin no questions asked. Mercury's TreadsMercury's Treads and [Ninja Tabi] can be situational.
  • [Locket Enchant] : With the amount of AoE damage in game. Locket definitely prevents you from exploding.
  • Protobelt EnchantProtobelt Enchant : Does this look sus to you? Ofc it is. This is basically Galeforce Jhin in PC. This item + Rapid FirecannonRapid Firecannon into 4th shot will surprise anyone with the ground you've just covered.

Final Words.

Thank you for Reading My Mini guide to Jhin in the patch 2.1 I still continue to find different ways to play jhin but at the Moment this setup just works the best. If you disagree and have a different build that works? Go for it! Everyone have their own personal Preference.

So once again thank you for reading and stay safe <3

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