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Wild Rift Champions

Did you know that there are currently almost 100 champions available in League of Legends: Wild Rift?

With the slow but steady addition of champions to the roster, Wild Rift is currently catching up to its PC counterpart. Choose your main from a diverse selection of champions with unique abilities that may fit your playstyle.

Listed down below are a wide array of champions to choose from. Hailing from different regions, champions in Wild Rift are classified into their respective classes; The Fighters, Mages, Assassin, Marksmen, Tanks and Supports and role; Baron, Jungle, Mid, AD Carry and Support.
If they gain your attention, simply click on your desired champion and take a look at the available guides made at your disposal.

Our Wild Rift Tier List might also be of assistance to you in order to determine which champions are currently ruling each lane in order to help you further in making your decision.