Polish your guide and make it truly amazing!

How to write good guides

Meaningful Titles

What brings the most attention to a guide is the title you come up with. The title should indicate what the guide is for, e.g. "[Diamond] In-Depth Ashe Guide". Of course, you can be rather creative with your title, but they're always supposed to be in the rule range, meaning no bad words, no deceptive titles (e.g. totally not the best Olaf guide), no one word titles (e.g. Ashe).

Use the tools that are available to you

We have built a powerful editor with many features to keep the content clean and concise. You can add builds, runes, summoner spells and matchups to your guide by using the editor. You can also add links, videos, lists and more. Please make use of the features that the editor provides you. That means that you should not upload screenshots of builds or other important parts of the guide instead of using the dedicated editor features. By using the editor you are ensuring that that the users of Wild Rift Guides have a coherent user experience while browsing the site and guides. It also makes sure that we can change the layout in the future without breaking the looks of the site.

Use semantic sections

Our guide editor is section based. That simply means that your guide is composed of multiple small sections which then add up to the complete guide. You can add as many sections as you like. Having the guide split up in multiple sections makes it easy to auto generate table of contents and it makes it a breeze for users to consume your content instead of reading through a wall of text. All of the sections have a title. Please make sure that you give it a meaningful name, so that potential readers know immediately what this section will contain. Placeholder titles are not allowed. An indicator for a good guide is the use of many sections that are neither too short nor too long. A simple structure might be as follows:

  • Early Game
  • Mid Game
  • Late Game
  • Playing from behind
  • Combos
  • Special notes
  • Conclusion
  • My Twitch/Youtube Channel

In-Depth Content

In order for a guide to be acceptable and helpful to others, we encourage you to go through your guide carefully. Poor quality guides will be removed from the site. If you are unsure what to write about, check out other top rated guides or think about what you would like to see in a guide.

Promotional Content

We are more than happy for any contributors who write guides. Wild Rift Guides thrives and lives with our contributors and that's why we want to give them a platform to promote themselves. It is totally okay for a guide to contain external links to youtube or twitch videos and streams or other websites. However we do not accept guides that only focus on driving the user away from wildriftguides.gg or guides that heavily promote third party content, for example by making the guide consist of only links to third party sites or heavily promoting third party websites in every section.


Our site is only supporting English for now, so please keep in mind that guides will be removed if not in the said language. Although we generally would have no problem with non-English guides, there is simply no way for us to check the contents. We will not condone any of the behaviour listed below:

We also don't except guides that do not have a proper form and makes them hard to read for visitors. For example: "At the beginning of the game run to ur jgl and help ur jungler xD".

  • No flaming, shaming, abusing, brigading, threatening, insulting or harassing other people. This includes flaming people from certain nationalities or ethnicity.
  • Constructive critiques, criticism and disagreements are fine, but do not get personal.
  • No using hate speech (Racist, sexist, homophobic and other discriminatory speech).
  • No posting "witchhunts" against other players or employees. (Criticizing a public figure in a civil manner that fosters discussion is allowable.)
  • No posting personal information about a person.
  • Death threats and messages asking/telling people to kill themselves will result in immediate disciplinary action.

Disciplinary Action

If guides or comments violate one or more of the guidelines or are poor quality, we reserve the right to take down comments and guides. Multiple violations by the same person will result in a ban of their account.