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Jungle is one of the best position to win games, next to mid lane. however, jungle could be intimidating for newbie summoners as jungler is a mental and knowledge demanding position. New to jungle? this guide will helping to grasp the jungle position.

What is jungle position?

According to League of Legends Fandom, 

"Jungling is the action of killing neutral "monsters", which are creatures located between the lanes in Wild Rift. The Jungle is the part of the Wild Rift that is not occupied by lanes or team's bases, including the river that divides it. Junglers rely on killing neutral monsters in the jungle to keep up with their laning teammates in terms of gold and experience. In a standard 5-on-5 game of League of Legends Wild Rift, four players in each team are laners, and one player is the jungler."

What is jungle supposed to do in the game of Wild Rift?

  1. Farm, and path correctly
  2. Gank lanes, help people to win their lanes
  3. Secure objectives, and finally,

Jungler must have [Smite] as one of summoner's spell.

Who Are The Jungle Champ?

Split Pusher
These champions have the same general play pattern as top lane split pushers. Instead of trying to survive laning phase, they power farm their jungle early. Laners have to be careful early as split push junglers often do not have an early influence on the game
Tank are susceptible to early ganks, same as top lane (baron) tanks, however they will be strong enough because they can scale and gank well. 
Jungle bruisers is same as solo lane bruisers. They want to build damage early to take advantage of their early gank strength. As the laning phase ends, they prioritize tanky items to survive in team fights. Their lower economy often forces them to prioritize health over resistances.

Xin ZhaoXin Zhao
Lee SinLee Sin

These are AD heavy champions that can carry out of the jungle. They won’t offer the tankiness of other junglers, but they are often strong early and do well in skirmishes. AD junglers are good for aggressive players and are typically at high health throughout their jungle clears.


Uncommon like top laners, AP junglers are also often picked because the team composition needs an extra kick of magic damage. AP junglers are very squishy sometimes and are often used to set up picks on the enemy. They thrive in small skirmishes and ganking.

What about smite?

After you have knowledge about the roster of jungler in Wild Rift, let's talk about [Smite] .

After killing 4 monsters, you have two choices for upgrading your smite, Chilling Smite and Challenging Smite.

Challenging Smite or Red Smite can provide additional adaptive damage bonus for 5 seconds. Challenging Smite is usually used when dueling and you have any cc to secure ganks. Usually Challenging Smite is often used by fighters who rely more on damage such as Lee SinLee Sin , ViVi , GravesGraves , Xin ZhaoXin Zhao , even EvelynnEvelynn

Chilling Smite or Blue Smite can steal 20% of enemy movement speed for 2 seconds. Chilling Smite is often used for players who are active in ganking and not able to use the damage from Challenging Smite.

Jungle path

there's 3 pathing for junglers for you need to learn. let's call it level 3 path, level 5 path, and counter-jungle. if you don't know the monster are, google it or open your map in Wild Rift.

  • level 3 path / Buff-to-Buff
    Level 3 path is for champ that doesn't need the ultimate to gank . those jungler who can take level 3 path are Jarvan IvJarvan Iv , JaxJax , Xin ZhaoXin Zhao , GragasGragas , Lee SinLee Sin , CamilleCamille and PantheonPantheon .
    Red Buff – Blue Buff (smite) – Gromp - Scuttler or Gank
    Blue Buff – Gromp (smite) – Red Buff - Scuttler or Gank
    Red Buff - Wolves / Raptors - Blue Buff
    Blue Buff - Wolves / Raptors - Red Buff

  • level 5 path
    Level 5 path is for champ that does need the ultimate for gank lane, those jungler who will take level 5 path are GravesGraves , EvelynnEvelynn , OlafOlaf , ShyvanaShyvana , ViVi , Master YiMaster Yi , AmumuAmumu , TryndamereTryndamere ,
    Red Buff – Krugs (smite) – Raptors – Wolves – Blue Buff (smite) – Gromp
    Red Buff – Krugs (smite) – Raptors – Wolves – Blue Buff (smite) – Scuttle
    Blue Buff – Gromp (smite) – Wolves – Raptors – Red Buff (smite) – Krugs
    Blue Buff – Gromp (smite) – Wolves – Raptors – Red Buff (smite)– Scuttle

  • Counter-Jungle
    Counter-jungle is a term to invade your opponent's jungle area, the objective that you must accomplish in this action is taking the buff in the area you invade, or if you can, take out the jungler. this is high-risk high-reward situation, so you may proceed with this, but be advised, do not do this alone unless you are sure that there's no enemy's ward in the area and their jungler still busy to clearing other side of jungle.

how to gank as jg?

here's the crucial part of jungle. ganking time.

there are three ways to gank, called river gank, lane gank, and dive

  • River gank : river gank is a gank from the river, and you cut their escape route. do not run into them from river. you coming from bushes.
  • Lane gank: lane gank is a gank from bushes in the lane, make them caught off guard with it, be aware if your targets have not use [flash]
  • Dive : dive gank is a gank that you will dive with your teammates in their turrets, be aware this type of gank are high-risk high-reward

When do you gank as as jungler?

Source : Level Up: Jungle - LEC

Look up here, you may use this as reference to when to gank. thank you for LEC for this content. this is for blue side team, vice versa for red side.

Position 1 If their mid laner decided to stay there, to poke or for whatever reason, gank it.
Position 2The best position to gank, gank as soon as you see the minion wave in your tower area.
Position 3 (Neutral Lane State)Break even point for every lane, you may gank here, but be aware of wards / vision!
Position 4This is not recommended zone for you, because there's always be a potential to counter gank by the enemy team jungler.
Position 5If you have 2/3 people coming to help you, gank the laner, but be aware of the minions, summoner's flash and also counter gank. be confident.

What you need be sure before ganking?

  • Do my opponent have vision in the river?
  • Do they have any answer to my gank? ( [flash] / [exhaust] )
  • Where's the opponent jungle at the moment?

If you don't see any angle for ganking, take their resources in the jungle, remember, you need all the resources in the game to make the jungle freaking diff.

what are objectives?

there are 4 objectives that junglers need to take in Wild Rift, they are Rift Herald (as known as Shelly), Drake (or dragon), Baron Nashor, and Elder Dragon

  • Drake or Dragon is a epic monster that resides near dragon lane that will be available at minutes 4 and it will be randomized type spawn from dragon type, there are 4 types of drake, Mountain Drake, Infernal Drake, Ocean Drake, and Cloud Drake.
    here are the bonuses if you able to get the drake :
    Mountain will gives you shield (based on max health %) . you will get it outside any fight. TAKE THIS WHEN YOU'RE AGAINST POKE CHAMP SUCH AS SeraphineSeraphine or FioraFiora  
    Infernal will gives you bonus damage, AP or AD, depending on your champ. TAKE THIS WHEN YOUR LINE UP IS A SCALING LINE UP SUCH AS Kai'saKai'sa or YasuoYasuo  
    Ocean will gives you omnivamp (omnivamp is your damage, from AP or AD spells and auto attacks, will restore your health)
    Cloud will gives you movement speed bonus, if you are outside any fight, you will receive another bonus movement speed. -> this only available until 3.3 because 3.3 the elemental rift gonna be permanent.

    We will talk this more on section Elemental Rift.

  • Rift Heralds, as known as Shelly is a powerful battering ram for your team. She is available as same time as drake and will be replaced by Baron Nasor if not taken, in minute 13. if you able to get her, you will able to reduce your recall timer to be 3 sec. you can call her for extra siege power, and forcing them to handle Shelly, usually you want her in mid because in solo queue they want ARAM (all random ALL MID) and how difficult to take mid turret. however until you called her into lane to be a battering ram, you cannot use your wards or trinkets.  Remember to take the 2nd Shelly.

  • Baron Nashor is powerful epic monster that need to be taken down by a team not solo, because how powerful it is. any team that slays this powerful monster will receive "Hand of Baron" buff that will buff your minions to be stronger to push lanes, and you will get more damage, and your recall timer will be reduced.

  • Elder Dragon is powerful dragon of normal dragon. it will be appearing at 15 minutes of the game, and be randomized, unless 3 types of dragon already taken by the teams. whoever taking the Elder Dragon will receive more powerful version of the buff from dragon (can be multiply by how many dragon buff you have taken before), and also "aspect of the dragon" that gives you DPS true damage also depends how much dragon you take before. the team that have elder buff can take out the team that have baron buff due how powerful elder dragon buff is.


Shelly vs Dragon

Here's one dilemma of jungler. Shelly vs Dragon. here's why.

Dragon as you know provides buff that will help you win the game but usually not worth it because :

  • Tendency to burgerflip is very high (50-50 smite) especially in high-ELO games 
  • Getting ACED early game most likely be spirit-breaking to your team.
  • Usually resulting into first turret down too, if they stick around and going lane.

So, i will give you reasons why you just go trading dragon for Shelly instead.

  • Free gold bonus without any fighting (it's trading, duh)
  • You can give plate gold (yeah, see the bars in the turret health bar? it called plates) to your mid or top lane (baron lane) but you have to be nearby to get that gold. First turret gold + plate + MastermindMastermind is nuts. want to know the math? (150*3) -> "presumably you're taking the turrets on your own, there's no allies around" +300+125 = 875 golds if you're lucky you got double charge from Shelly, and you will get another 125 gold  making it.. 1000 GOLD! You will be in the lead for items and gold against your opponent.
  • Easy access to get vision and steal the red / blue quadrant of your opponent jungle. (preferably getting Krugs or Gromp, as it will give an advantage in gold or exp lead)
  • Map pressure, because pubs will forget about map soon enough.

For the second dragon, getting a dragon is good because you're more ready to fight than the first dragon. however if your team is outnumbered like 2 vs 5 or 3 vs 5 not getting dragon is fine, take the Rift Herald. She will give you gold and map pressure that even bigger, she could be ramming inhibitor turret (the one in the base)

However with Elemental Rift coming soon, taking 2nd dragon turns into number one priority, and Shelly into number 2 priority.


First up, let's talk about Elemental Rift.

Here's how Elemental Rift works.

  1. First drake is randomized
  2. The next elemental drake will dominate the rift, and until dragon soul has been claimed, it always spawn the same type.
  3. Elder Dragon will be spawned after the dragon soul claimed.

Here are the rift.

  • Infernal Rift
    Infernal Rift will make brush in the rift destroyed, and making pathing to jungle more easier with less walls.Infernal Rift effect, Red team side at Blue buff quadrant 
  •  Mountain Rift
    Mountain Rift will create terrain around jungle in both quadrant, and also in the dragon pit.
    Mountain Rift, Near dragon's pit, notice how CamilleCamille able to use her HookshotHookshot here. 


  •  Ocean Rift
    Ocean Rift will create more brushes in the jungle and also spawns more honeyfruits, so if any ADC runs Sweet ToothSweet Tooth , they gonna love this rift. however this rift will test your vision game.
    Ocean Rift effect in Red team side on Red buff quadrant. This is where RengarRengar is deadly here with his passive, [Rengar:passive]


    With all the Elemental Rift changes, comes the Dragon Soul, in order to get the Dragon Soul you will need to take 3 dragons (the first dragon that doesn't affect the rift is counted). here are the effect of dragon souls

    Infernal SoulYour auto attack and ability explodes on your opponent.
    Mountain SoulSame as the one we have in Wild Rift, it will give you extra shield plus magic resist.
    Cloud Soul
    Ocean Soul

    Those are broken? Yes of course it is the reward for team to able to play objective correctly, however, i will remind you even with Dragon Soul, your team can throw the lead and lose the game. So.. don't throw the game.

Jungle mentality.

Remember this, "i don't gank losing lane.'

This is the mentality that should everybody in jungle on solo queue must have, because instead of helping, you just giving the losing lane another devastating blow if you botch your gank. what you should do is helping the one that's winning, and make that lane as winning condition. 

here's example of one of my game of losing lane.
I played as EvelynnEvelynn with my teammate EzrealEzreal LuxLux YasuoYasuo and DariusDarius vs PantheonPantheon AkaliAkali JinxJinx Lee SinLee Sin  and LuluLulu
Darius solo killed by Pantheon, giving Pantheon first blood, and then another kill happen, again this time it's pantheon. 0 vs 2 in the kill board.

Your mind right now is.. how you gonna salvage the game as Darius is fucked badly by Pantheon? play with YasuoYasuo or EzrealEzreal / LuxLux duo. look at them, if one of them are winning, giving the winning lane more money as known as gold funneling (giving kills to your ADC, giving turret plate gold to your ADC) will give your team chance to fight back and turn the tides of war.

You may try this to help your team :

  1. Ganking more
    This will help your win-condition champion to carry the team to victory, and slowing down your opponent item progression.
  2. Counter-jungle
    Stealing away gold from your opponent jungle also helping you to snowball.


         This is the most important part, as jungler, you must be proactive, make sure to ping missing or enemy location or vision. help your laner to win more of the lane.
  • Understand your jungle champion
         Understanding your champion as weakside or strongside matchup is also a tool to become a great jungler.
  • You cannot 1 vs 9 them.
         Remember, this is 5 vs 5, and your rank isn't a thing if you cannot 1 vs 9. so, be a good jungler and teammate, and help them.

Champion recomendation.

EasyThis set of champion doesn't demand much of jungle knowledge and easy to learn champion. Very good for beginner as this list won't need momentum to carry the game. Xin ZhaoXin Zhao
Master YiMaster Yi
Nunu & WillumpNunu & Willump
MediumThis set of champion does demand some of jungle knowledge and easy to learn but hard to master champion. Can easily carry the game as the champs in the list can bring forward the momentum but if the momentum goes to the enemy, he/she still relevant to the game.
Jarvan IvJarvan Iv
Dr. MundoDr. Mundo
HardThis set of champion really demand your expertise on jungling, and mastery of your champion. if you have them, you can 1 vs 9 in every game, however, if you don't, you just another cannon minion with abilities. CamilleCamille
Lee SinLee Sin
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