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[5.0] Xylia's Draven Guide For Patch 5.2

Patch 5.0
July 19, 2024 17:27

Xylia's Draven Guide For Patch 5.2

Learn every mechanics and how to 1v9 with Draven with this guide bt the best Draven in the SEA Server.


  • Skill Expressive Champ
  • Fun to Play
  • Best 1v9 Champ by far
  • Highest Burst Damage
  • Will almost always win every matchup if you are skilled enough
  • Dopamine overload


  • Very bad when behind
  • Weak vs CC, Slows

Draven Build

Best Build Guide for Draven

Starting Items
Long Sword
First Back
Serrated Dirk
Long Sword
Long Sword
Core Items (replace Umbrail Glave with Collector)
Duskblade of Draktharr
Mortal Reminder
Umbral Glaive
Boots (replace swiftness with berserkers greaves)
Gluttonous Greaves
Plated Steelcaps
Boots of Swiftness
Full Build
Duskblade of Draktharr
Quicksilver Enchant
Mortal Reminder
Umbral Glaive
Infinity Edge
Blade of the Ruined King
Senna, Sona support
Tear of the Goddess
Lost Chapter
Lost Chapter
Lost Chapter
Lost Chapter
Lost Chapter

Item Build Description

Additional information on the items

Starting items:

Long SwordLong Sword always else ure trolling.

First Back:

Serrated DirkSerrated Dirk and two Long SwordLong Sword is the most optimal back for DravenDraven because he likes lethality and his Spinning AxeSpinning Axe scales off of bonus ad

Core Items:

Duskblade of DraktharrDuskblade of Draktharr is the best rush item for DravenDraven right now because of the sheer damage it gives, with its 18 armor penetration and passive you can just walk around 2 tapping people.

Mortal ReminderMortal Reminder mathematically the best item as a 2nd item for DravenDraven because it makes your lethality that much more EFFICIENT and efficiency is what youre looking for when ure playing a moba

The Collector is THE BEST 3rd item for DravenDraven , it proves everything he wants, damage, crit, lethality. And its passive works insanely well with DravenDraven , it helps you collect the kills which wouldve gotten away.

Infinity EdgeInfinity Edge Building crit without going this item is basically trolling imo, +25% crit damage is too good to pass up.

Blade of the Ruined KingBlade of the Ruined King % health damage combined with flat armor pen and % armor pen simply melts any tank and squishies

Berserkers Greaves as the default boots because it is simply the most efficient boots, 20 AD and 35% attack speed provides DravenDraven with the highest dps possible out of any boots.

Plated SteelcapsPlated Steelcaps vs kaisa, ashe and lucian

Quicksilver EnchantQuicksilver Enchant Buy this whenever it hits 6 minutes, best enchant because of the low cooldown and free tenacity.

BUILD PATH: Long SwordLong Sword -> Serrated DirkSerrated Dirk -> Duskblade of DraktharrDuskblade of Draktharr -> Serrated DirkSerrated Dirk -> Berserkers Greaves -> Mortal ReminderMortal Reminder -> The Collector -> Infinity EdgeInfinity Edge -> Blade of the Ruined KingBlade of the Ruined King . Get Quicksilver EnchantQuicksilver Enchant whenever possible.

Draven Runes

Best Runes for Draven

Lethal Tempo
Lethal Tempo
Gathering Storm
Gathering Storm
Ultimate Shield
Ultimate Shield

Rune explanations:

Lethal TempoLethal Tempo : Always because it helps alot with extended fights and early skirmishes, DravenDraven struggles alot in teamfights and this rune makes up for it.

Gathering StormGathering Storm : best scaling rune because the Attack Damage is Guaranteed

COUP DE GRACE/LAST STAND: will help you secure those early kills for a big snowball, helps more than Giant SlayerGiant Slayer

Bloodline: helps alot more than alacrity because you are not building early life steal with this build.

Overgrowth: most consistent rune, use this always for free hp, you can use eyeball collection for limit testing

Eyeball Collection: 20 permanent attack damage when fully stacked

ConquerorConqueror and PTA is just trolling lmao.

Skill Order

How to distribute skill points

League Of Draven
League Of Draven - Passive
Spinning Axe
Spinning Axe
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Blood Rush
Blood Rush
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Stand Aside
Stand Aside
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Whirling Death
Whirling Death
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Summoner Spells

When to take which summoners

when u go mid.


Learn how to maximize the champions potential

Blood Rush
Auto Attack
Stand Aside
Auto Attack
Whirling Death

Have 2 axes up, W auto E auto R.

Draven Matchups & Counters

Detailed information on how to play matchups and counters


Play passive and patient, try to freeze and wait until she or her support messes up and go in






Abilities Mechanics:

Spinning AxeSpinning Axe : triple axe - auto auto Q ( Q last because the third auto wont always be guaranteed ).

Blood RushBlood Rush : double W by pressing W before you catch an axe. Dont spam W in lane or youl OOM very fast.

Stand AsideStand Aside : ONLY E when enemy is close to you, never E when theyre near the edge.

E flash instead of Flash E so enemy cant react.

Use E to cancel enemies dashes ( Shield VaultShield Vault , Jarvans EQ, HeadbuttHeadbutt ). Use E sparingly dont perma auto auto E or youll OOM (out of mana) aswell.

You can actually kind of animation "cancel" your auto attack by doing an auto attack then immediately E'ing afterwards, so it should be Auto E auto (make sure your first auto comes out so you dont cancel it by accident if you E too early).

You can buffer your E through enemies CC because it has a windup just like ezreals E, if you time it right you can cancel warwicks Ult off of you.

Whirling DeathWhirling Death : you can recall R to double hit enemy instantly. you can also "animation cancel" your auto attacks when you use R, it should be like auto R auto (just like with Stand AsideStand Aside , dont use it too early or else youll cancel your first auto.

You can also buffer your Whirling DeathWhirling Death through CC.

Draven Combo: have 2 axes up, Blood RushBlood Rush auto Stand AsideStand Aside auto Whirling DeathWhirling Death .



VS POKE CHAMPS ( EzrealEzreal , LuxLux , AsheAshe , Miss FortuneMiss Fortune , CaitlynCaitlyn ): you would want to match their push, never let them push you until youre under your tower.

VS ALL IN ( TristanaTristana , SamiraSamira , ZeriZeri ): FREEZE THE WAVE (or slow push). spam ping jungler to gank when you freeze the wave infront (NOT IN) tower range.

VS HOOKS : position axes behind minions.



As DravenDraven i always want to look for early fights especially before level 5 cause thats where youre strongest at before you get a cashout. Try to bait the enemies supports and adcs to waste their big cc spells like luxs Q and caitlyns E then ping your support to go in and kill them. When your support is a melee engage champ try to not shove the wave into the enemy tower but freeze it infront of your tower to ensure the enemies walk up further to cs and you can get a free gank off of it. Try your best to track enemy jungle to ensure you dont die off of an early level 5 cheese gank.


General Laning Phase Tips


- You start red side (you play on the side where red buff is) try to LEASH your jungle if they also start redside, yes LEASH them even though leashing is never done after the minion movespeed changes i know but you have to do that in order to guarantee yourself the best chances for you to win by snowballing your junglers clear speed as EARLY as possible.

- Try to sync your recall with your enemies recall so youre always ahead in items.

- When you get a double/solo kill early in the game try to shove the wave and recall ASAP to ensure u always have an item lead.

- Remember to ward the river to avoid ganks, when you start Blue side (you play on the bottom side of the map) ALWAYS REMEMBER to ward your tribrush with a CONTROL ward, afterwards you can recall and get a normal ward then ward the brush adjacent to the tribrush.

- Try to keep track of enemies cooldowns, when a Lux uses her Lucent SingularityLucent Singularity level 1 you have around a 6 second window to go all in because shes now useless and its basically a 2v1 even with her adc because the adc wont have enough damage vs a draven early. Thats how you usually win lanes as any adc, try to bait out abilities then ping your support to go all in with you.

- To be on topic with pinging your supports, when you know that enemies abilities arent up then try to ping your support to go in as much as possible, when your support is in a bad position or just making a bad play try to ping him back if that doesnt work then just follow him and try to help him live and not die.

- Try to create a slow push or a freeze ( you can slow push by insta killing 1 melee minion then only last hitting the rest of the enemy minions, freezing will take too long to explain ) so the enemies will be forced to walk up to cs and you can call your jg for an easy gank.

- When a wave is pushed into the enemy turret you can try to ward the enemy junglers blue buff (if youre on red side)/ krugs (if youre on blue side) or you can rotate to scuttle when its up or just take a turret plate. (THIS IS ALL SITUATIONAL YOU HAVE TO KEEP IN MIND WHATEVER GIVES YOU MOST VALUE AND IS THE LEAST RISKY).

- Of course you wont want to perma slow push or freeze sometimes you gotta hardshove a wave like when you kill the enemy laner or the enemy has just recalled you would want to hardshove then recall immediately so the wave goes back to a neutral state.

- be PATIENT, i know its infuriating to see your support sit behind and do nothing but its better than hardshoving the wave and permafighting until they decide to do something, be patient and wait until they move up or the enemy engages first then you can fight 2v2.

- REMEMBER to NOT autopilot and perma shove waves thats how you start to lose the game.

- REMEMBER THIS TIP THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: at the 4:30 minute mark try to shove your wave AS FAST AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE, come mid shove mid wave aswell then SPAM PING YOUR SUPPORT AND JUNGLER to come herald even if youre losing the lane it does not matter you come herald and take it instantly placing it mid and opening up the midgame.


TLDR: play around your supports and adjust accordingly, be aware of enemy botlane comp, shove your wave and midlanes wave when clock hits 4:30 and spam ping herald, get tier 1 mid using herald.


Midgame tips

- Once you denied enemies a shit ton of xp using your insane knowledge of wave management you can take enemy tier 1 turret and rotate to top to increase map pressure. If top tier 1 tower is already gone then you can rotate to mid instead.

- Stay mid and shove waves until theres an objectives available. Your goal in the midgame is to STAY AHEAD of the enemy adc and SECURE the objectives for your team.

- Try to deep ward in the enemy jg to gain more info on their junglers, or you could ping your support and jg to do an invade.

- Try to play as SAFE as possible while creating map pressure by pushing waves constantly and rotating with your jungle/support (whoever is rotating the most).

Late game tips:

- ping your support to ward elder/baron

- stay with your team

- bonus secret tip: when a teamfight starts, MAKE SURE the enemy does NOT have vision on you. Sit back for a good 2-3 seconds or until the enemies have used their big CC ability then rush in and kill their adc FIRST ALWAYS (unless they have an annoying mage support like LuxLux , KarmaKarma or SorakaSoraka then youd consider killing them first). and let your team do the rest.



You move faster than your Spinning AxeSpinning Axe so you have to wait a little bit when they're landing. Knowing this can make kiting both easier and harder; because you're faster you don't have to go towards the axe straight away but your opponents are also trying to aim their spells in that direction.

You can't hold more than 2 Spinning AxeSpinning Axe at the same time, but the amount of axes you can have in the air is "infinite", this is called juggling.

Be smart with casting your Spinning AxeSpinning Axe and don't just spam it.

Your Stand AsideStand Aside has a cast time, so you have to predict cancel enemy engages instead of reacting.

When enemies go for last hits or when they are too close to you, use Blood RushBlood Rush to run up and get an auto in then run back, repeat until they are in lethal range then go all in.

Good tempo tips: deny enemy minions -> build up minion wave -> crash to their tower -> recall. When its 4:30 hardshove your wave and midlanes wave then rotate to herald.

Important stuff to keep in mind: When you get into the loading screen, you need to analyze the biggest threats to you such as CC like Dredge LineDredge Line and Death SentenceDeath Sentence or biggest damage dealers like Piercing ArrowPiercing Arrow and Icathian RainIcathian Rain , try your best to dodge those abilities either by side stepping them or waiting 2~3 seconds outside of the fight until the enemy uses them on your teammates then you can go in (This applies to any adc that we play not exclusive to DravenDraven ).

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