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Smart Replace

Smart Replace is a feature in the Guide Builder, that allows to have certain tags replaced with fancy highlighted icons that have tooltips on them. Great guides usually make good use of smart replace, thus allowing the reader to get additional information about champions, items and abilities.

Below you find a list of all tags that can be used with Smart Replace, and the markup they are turned into.



Champion [ahri]   AhriAhri
Passive [ahri:passive]   Essence TheftEssence Theft
1st Ability [ahri:1]   Orb Of DeceptionOrb Of Deception
2nd Ability [ahri:2]   Fox-fireFox-fire
3rd Ability [ahri:3]   CharmCharm
Ultimate [ahri:ult]   Spirit RushSpirit Rush


Champion [akali]   AkaliAkali
Passive [akali:passive]   Assassin's MarkAssassin's Mark
1st Ability [akali:1]   Five Point StrikeFive Point Strike
2nd Ability [akali:2]   Twilight ShroudTwilight Shroud
3rd Ability [akali:3]   Shuriken FlipShuriken Flip
Ultimate [akali:ult]   Perfect ExecutionPerfect Execution


Champion [akshan]   AkshanAkshan
Passive [akshan:passive]   Dirty FightingDirty Fighting
1st Ability [akshan:1]   AvengerangAvengerang
2nd Ability [akshan:2]   Going RogueGoing Rogue
3rd Ability [akshan:3]   Heroic SwingHeroic Swing
Ultimate [akshan:ult]   ComeuppanceComeuppance


Champion [alistar]   AlistarAlistar
Passive [alistar:passive]   Triumphant RoarTriumphant Roar
1st Ability [alistar:1]   PulverizePulverize
2nd Ability [alistar:2]   HeadbuttHeadbutt
3rd Ability [alistar:3]   TrampleTrample
Ultimate [alistar:ult]   Unbreakable WillUnbreakable Will


Champion [amumu]   AmumuAmumu
Passive [amumu:passive]   Cursed TouchCursed Touch
1st Ability [amumu:1]   Bandage TossBandage Toss
2nd Ability [amumu:2]   DespairDespair
3rd Ability [amumu:3]   TantrumTantrum
Ultimate [amumu:ult]   Curse Of The Sad MummyCurse Of The Sad Mummy


Champion [annie]   AnnieAnnie
Passive [annie:passive]   PyromaniaPyromania
1st Ability [annie:1]   DisintegrateDisintegrate
2nd Ability [annie:2]   IncinerateIncinerate
3rd Ability [annie:3]   Molten ShieldMolten Shield
Ultimate [annie:ult]   Summon: TibbersSummon: Tibbers


Champion [ashe]   AsheAshe
Passive [ashe:passive]   Frost ShotFrost Shot
1st Ability [ashe:1]   Ranger's FocusRanger's Focus
2nd Ability [ashe:2]   VolleyVolley
3rd Ability [ashe:3]   HawkshotHawkshot
Ultimate [ashe:ult]   Enchanted Crystal ArrowEnchanted Crystal Arrow

Aurelion Sol

Champion [aurelion sol]   Aurelion SolAurelion Sol
Passive [aurelion sol:passive]   Center Of The UniverseCenter Of The Universe
1st Ability [aurelion sol:1]   StarsurgeStarsurge
2nd Ability [aurelion sol:2]   Celestial ExpansionCelestial Expansion
3rd Ability [aurelion sol:3]   Comet Of LegendComet Of Legend
Ultimate [aurelion sol:ult]   Voice Of LightVoice Of Light


Champion [blitzcrank]   BlitzcrankBlitzcrank
Passive [blitzcrank:passive]   Mana BarrierMana Barrier
1st Ability [blitzcrank:1]   Rocket GrabRocket Grab
2nd Ability [blitzcrank:2]   OverdriveOverdrive
3rd Ability [blitzcrank:3]   Power FistPower Fist
Ultimate [blitzcrank:ult]   Static FieldStatic Field


Champion [brand]   BrandBrand
Passive [brand:passive]   BlazeBlaze
1st Ability [brand:1]   SearSear
2nd Ability [brand:2]   Pillar Of FlamePillar Of Flame
3rd Ability [brand:3]   ConflagrationConflagration
Ultimate [brand:ult]   PyroclasmPyroclasm


Champion [braum]   BraumBraum
Passive [braum:passive]   Concussive BlowsConcussive Blows
1st Ability [braum:1]   Winter's BiteWinter's Bite
2nd Ability [braum:2]   Stand Behind MeStand Behind Me
3rd Ability [braum:3]   UnbreakableUnbreakable
Ultimate [braum:ult]   Glacial FissureGlacial Fissure


Champion [caitlyn]   CaitlynCaitlyn
Passive [caitlyn:passive]   HeadshotHeadshot
1st Ability [caitlyn:1]   Piltover PeacemakerPiltover Peacemaker
2nd Ability [caitlyn:2]   Yordle Snap TrapYordle Snap Trap
3rd Ability [caitlyn:3]   90 Caliber Net90 Caliber Net
Ultimate [caitlyn:ult]   Ace In The HoleAce In The Hole


Champion [camille]   CamilleCamille
Passive [camille:passive]   Adaptive DefensesAdaptive Defenses
1st Ability [camille:1]   Precision ProtocolPrecision Protocol
2nd Ability [camille:2]   Tactical SweepTactical Sweep
3rd Ability [camille:3]   HookshotHookshot
Ultimate [camille:ult]   The Hextech UltimatumThe Hextech Ultimatum


Champion [corki]   CorkiCorki
Passive [corki:passive]   Hextech MunitionsHextech Munitions
1st Ability [corki:1]   Phosphorous BombPhosphorous Bomb
2nd Ability [corki:2]   ValkyrieValkyrie
3rd Ability [corki:3]   Gatling GunGatling Gun
Ultimate [corki:ult]   Missile BarrageMissile Barrage


Champion [darius]   DariusDarius
Passive [darius:passive]   HemorrhageHemorrhage
1st Ability [darius:1]   DecimateDecimate
2nd Ability [darius:2]   Crippling StrikeCrippling Strike
3rd Ability [darius:3]   ApprehendApprehend
Ultimate [darius:ult]   Noxian GuillotineNoxian Guillotine


Champion [diana]   DianaDiana
Passive [diana:passive]   Moonsilver BladeMoonsilver Blade
1st Ability [diana:1]   Crescent StrikeCrescent Strike
2nd Ability [diana:2]   Pale CascadePale Cascade
3rd Ability [diana:3]   Lunar RushLunar Rush
Ultimate [diana:ult]   MoonfallMoonfall

Dr. Mundo

Champion [dr. mundo]   Dr. MundoDr. Mundo
Passive [dr. mundo:passive]   Adrenaline RushAdrenaline Rush
1st Ability [dr. mundo:1]   Infected CleaverInfected Cleaver
2nd Ability [dr. mundo:2]   Burning AgonyBurning Agony
3rd Ability [dr. mundo:3]   MasochismMasochism
Ultimate [dr. mundo:ult]   SadismSadism


Champion [draven]   DravenDraven
Passive [draven:passive]   League Of DravenLeague Of Draven
1st Ability [draven:1]   Spinning AxeSpinning Axe
2nd Ability [draven:2]   Blood RushBlood Rush
3rd Ability [draven:3]   Stand AsideStand Aside
Ultimate [draven:ult]   Whirling DeathWhirling Death


Champion [ekko]   EkkoEkko
Passive [ekko:passive]   Z-drive ResonanceZ-drive Resonance
1st Ability [ekko:1]   TimewinderTimewinder
2nd Ability [ekko:2]   Parallel ConvergenceParallel Convergence
3rd Ability [ekko:3]   Phase DivePhase Dive
Ultimate [ekko:ult]   ChronobreakChronobreak


Champion [evelynn]   EvelynnEvelynn
Passive [evelynn:passive]   Demon ShadeDemon Shade
1st Ability [evelynn:1]   Hate SpikeHate Spike
2nd Ability [evelynn:2]   AllureAllure
3rd Ability [evelynn:3]   WhiplashWhiplash
Ultimate [evelynn:ult]   Last CaressLast Caress


Champion [ezreal]   EzrealEzreal
Passive [ezreal:passive]   Rising Spell ForceRising Spell Force
1st Ability [ezreal:1]   Mystic ShotMystic Shot
2nd Ability [ezreal:2]   Essence FluxEssence Flux
3rd Ability [ezreal:3]   Arcane ShiftArcane Shift
Ultimate [ezreal:ult]   Trueshot BarrageTrueshot Barrage


Champion [fiddlesticks]   FiddlesticksFiddlesticks
Passive [fiddlesticks:passive]   A Harmless ScarecrowA Harmless Scarecrow
1st Ability [fiddlesticks:1]   TerrifyTerrify
2nd Ability [fiddlesticks:2]   Bountiful HarvestBountiful Harvest
3rd Ability [fiddlesticks:3]   ReapReap
Ultimate [fiddlesticks:ult]   CrowstormCrowstorm


Champion [fiora]   FioraFiora
Passive [fiora:passive]   Duelist's DanceDuelist's Dance
1st Ability [fiora:1]   LungeLunge
2nd Ability [fiora:2]   RiposteRiposte
3rd Ability [fiora:3]   BladeworkBladework
Ultimate [fiora:ult]   Grand ChallengeGrand Challenge


Champion [fizz]   FizzFizz
Passive [fizz:passive]   Seastone TridentSeastone Trident
1st Ability [fizz:1]   Urchin StrikeUrchin Strike
2nd Ability [fizz:2]   Rending WaveRending Wave
3rd Ability [fizz:3]   Playful / TricksterPlayful / Trickster
Ultimate [fizz:ult]   Chum The WatersChum The Waters


Champion [galio]   GalioGalio
Passive [galio:passive]   Colossal SmashColossal Smash
1st Ability [galio:1]   Winds Of WarWinds Of War
2nd Ability [galio:2]   Shield Of DurandShield Of Durand
3rd Ability [galio:3]   Justice PunchJustice Punch
Ultimate [galio:ult]   Hero's EntranceHero's Entrance


Champion [garen]   GarenGaren
Passive [garen:passive]   PerseverancePerseverance
1st Ability [garen:1]   Decisive StrikeDecisive Strike
2nd Ability [garen:2]   CourageCourage
3rd Ability [garen:3]   JudgmentJudgment
Ultimate [garen:ult]   Demacian JusticeDemacian Justice


Champion [gragas]   GragasGragas
Passive [gragas:passive]   Happy HourHappy Hour
1st Ability [gragas:1]   Barrel RollBarrel Roll
2nd Ability [gragas:2]   Drunken RageDrunken Rage
3rd Ability [gragas:3]   Body SlamBody Slam
Ultimate [gragas:ult]   Explosive CaskExplosive Cask


Champion [graves]   GravesGraves
Passive [graves:passive]   New DestinyNew Destiny
1st Ability [graves:1]   End Of The LineEnd Of The Line
2nd Ability [graves:2]   Smoke ScreenSmoke Screen
3rd Ability [graves:3]   QuickdrawQuickdraw
Ultimate [graves:ult]   Collateral DamageCollateral Damage


Champion [gwen]   GwenGwen
Passive [gwen:passive]   A Thousand CutsA Thousand Cuts
1st Ability [gwen:1]   Snip Snip!Snip Snip!
2nd Ability [gwen:2]   Hallowed MistHallowed Mist
3rd Ability [gwen:3]   Skip 'n SlashSkip 'n Slash
Ultimate [gwen:ult]   NeedleworkNeedlework


Champion [hecarim]   HecarimHecarim
Passive [hecarim:passive]   WarpathWarpath
1st Ability [hecarim:1]   RampageRampage
2nd Ability [hecarim:2]   Spirit Of DreadSpirit Of Dread
3rd Ability [hecarim:3]   Devastating ChargeDevastating Charge
Ultimate [hecarim:ult]   Onslaught Of ShadowsOnslaught Of Shadows


Champion [irelia]   IreliaIrelia
Passive [irelia:passive]   Ionian FervorIonian Fervor
1st Ability [irelia:1]   BladesurgeBladesurge
2nd Ability [irelia:2]   Defiant DanceDefiant Dance
3rd Ability [irelia:3]   Flawless DuetFlawless Duet
Ultimate [irelia:ult]   Vanguard's EdgeVanguard's Edge


Champion [janna]   JannaJanna
Passive [janna:passive]   TailwindTailwind
1st Ability [janna:1]   Howling GaleHowling Gale
2nd Ability [janna:2]   ZephyrZephyr
3rd Ability [janna:3]   Eye Of The StormEye Of The Storm
Ultimate [janna:ult]   MonsoonMonsoon

Jarvan Iv

Champion [jarvan iv]   Jarvan IvJarvan Iv
Passive [jarvan iv:passive]   Martial CadenceMartial Cadence
1st Ability [jarvan iv:1]   Dragon StrikeDragon Strike
2nd Ability [jarvan iv:2]   Golden AegisGolden Aegis
3rd Ability [jarvan iv:3]   Demacian StandardDemacian Standard
Ultimate [jarvan iv:ult]   CataclysmCataclysm


Champion [jax]   JaxJax
Passive [jax:passive]   Relentless AssaultRelentless Assault
1st Ability [jax:1]   Leap StrikeLeap Strike
2nd Ability [jax:2]   EmpowerEmpower
3rd Ability [jax:3]   Counter StrikeCounter Strike
Ultimate [jax:ult]   Grandmaster's MightGrandmaster's Might


Champion [jayce]   JayceJayce
Passive [jayce:passive]   Hextech CapacitorHextech Capacitor
1st Ability [jayce:1]   To The Skies! / Shock BlastTo The Skies! / Shock Blast
2nd Ability [jayce:2]   Lightning Field / Hyper ChargeLightning Field / Hyper Charge
3rd Ability [jayce:3]   Thundering Blow / Acceleration GateThundering Blow / Acceleration Gate
Ultimate [jayce:ult]   Mercury Cannon / Mercury HammerMercury Cannon / Mercury Hammer


Champion [jhin]   JhinJhin
Passive [jhin:passive]   WhisperWhisper
1st Ability [jhin:1]   Dancing GrenadeDancing Grenade
2nd Ability [jhin:2]   Deadly FlourishDeadly Flourish
3rd Ability [jhin:3]   Captive AudienceCaptive Audience
Ultimate [jhin:ult]   Curtain CallCurtain Call


Champion [jinx]   JinxJinx
Passive [jinx:passive]   Get Excited!Get Excited!
1st Ability [jinx:1]   Switcheroo!Switcheroo!
2nd Ability [jinx:2]   Zap!Zap!
3rd Ability [jinx:3]   Flame Chompers!Flame Chompers!
Ultimate [jinx:ult]   Super Mega Death Rocket!Super Mega Death Rocket!


Champion [kai'sa]   Kai'saKai'sa
Passive [kai'sa:passive]   Second SkinSecond Skin
1st Ability [kai'sa:1]   Icathian RainIcathian Rain
2nd Ability [kai'sa:2]   Void SeekerVoid Seeker
3rd Ability [kai'sa:3]   SuperchargeSupercharge
Ultimate [kai'sa:ult]   Killer InstinctKiller Instinct


Champion [karma]   KarmaKarma
Passive [karma:passive]   MantraMantra
1st Ability [karma:1]   Inner FlameInner Flame
2nd Ability [karma:2]   Focused ResolveFocused Resolve
3rd Ability [karma:3]   InspireInspire
Ultimate [karma:ult]   Transcendent EmbraceTranscendent Embrace


Champion [kassadin]   KassadinKassadin
Passive [kassadin:passive]   Void StoneVoid Stone
1st Ability [kassadin:1]   Null SphereNull Sphere
2nd Ability [kassadin:2]   Nether BladeNether Blade
3rd Ability [kassadin:3]   Force PulseForce Pulse
Ultimate [kassadin:ult]   RiftwalkRiftwalk


Champion [katarina]   KatarinaKatarina
Passive [katarina:passive]   VoracityVoracity
1st Ability [katarina:1]   Bouncing BladeBouncing Blade
2nd Ability [katarina:2]   PreparationPreparation
3rd Ability [katarina:3]   ShunpoShunpo
Ultimate [katarina:ult]   Death LotusDeath Lotus


Champion [kayle]   KayleKayle
Passive [kayle:passive]   Divine AscentDivine Ascent
1st Ability [kayle:1]   Radiant BlastRadiant Blast
2nd Ability [kayle:2]   Celestial BlessingCelestial Blessing
3rd Ability [kayle:3]   Starfire SpellbladeStarfire Spellblade
Ultimate [kayle:ult]   Divine JudgmentDivine Judgment


Champion [kennen]   KennenKennen
Passive [kennen:passive]   Mark Of The StormMark Of The Storm
1st Ability [kennen:1]   Thundering ShurikenThundering Shuriken
2nd Ability [kennen:2]   Electrical SurgeElectrical Surge
3rd Ability [kennen:3]   Lightning RushLightning Rush
Ultimate [kennen:ult]   Slicing MaelstromSlicing Maelstrom


Champion [kha'zix]   Kha'ZixKha'Zix
Passive [kha'zix:passive]   Unseen ThreatUnseen Threat
1st Ability [kha'zix:1]   Taste Their FearTaste Their Fear
2nd Ability [kha'zix:2]   Void SpikeVoid Spike
3rd Ability [kha'zix:3]   LeapLeap
Ultimate [kha'zix:ult]   Void AssaultVoid Assault

Lee Sin

Champion [lee sin]   Lee SinLee Sin
Passive [lee sin:passive]   FlurryFlurry
1st Ability [lee sin:1]   Sonic Wave / Resonating StrikeSonic Wave / Resonating Strike
2nd Ability [lee sin:2]   SafeguardSafeguard
3rd Ability [lee sin:3]   Tempest / CrippleTempest / Cripple
Ultimate [lee sin:ult]   Dragon's RageDragon's Rage


Champion [leona]   LeonaLeona
Passive [leona:passive]   SunlightSunlight
1st Ability [leona:1]   Shield Of DaybreakShield Of Daybreak
2nd Ability [leona:2]   EclipseEclipse
3rd Ability [leona:3]   Zenith BladeZenith Blade
Ultimate [leona:ult]   Solar FlareSolar Flare


Champion [lillia]   LilliaLillia
Passive [lillia:passive]   Dream-laden BoughDream-laden Bough
1st Ability [lillia:1]   Blooming BlowsBlooming Blows
2nd Ability [lillia:2]   Watch Out! Eep!Watch Out! Eep!
3rd Ability [lillia:3]   SwirlseedSwirlseed
Ultimate [lillia:ult]   Lilting LullabyLilting Lullaby


Champion [lucian]   LucianLucian
Passive [lucian:passive]   LightslingerLightslinger
1st Ability [lucian:1]   Piercing LightPiercing Light
2nd Ability [lucian:2]   Ardent BlazeArdent Blaze
3rd Ability [lucian:3]   Relentless PursuitRelentless Pursuit
Ultimate [lucian:ult]   The CullingThe Culling


Champion [lulu]   LuluLulu
Passive [lulu:passive]   Pix, Faerie CompanionPix, Faerie Companion
1st Ability [lulu:1]   GlitterlanceGlitterlance
2nd Ability [lulu:2]   WhimsyWhimsy
3rd Ability [lulu:3]   Help, Pix!Help, Pix!
Ultimate [lulu:ult]   Wild GrowthWild Growth


Champion [lux]   LuxLux
Passive [lux:passive]   IlluminationIllumination
1st Ability [lux:1]   Light BindingLight Binding
2nd Ability [lux:2]   Prismatic BarrierPrismatic Barrier
3rd Ability [lux:3]   Lucent SingularityLucent Singularity
Ultimate [lux:ult]   Final SparkFinal Spark


Champion [malphite]   MalphiteMalphite
Passive [malphite:passive]   Granite ShieldGranite Shield
1st Ability [malphite:1]   Seismic ShardSeismic Shard
2nd Ability [malphite:2]   ThunderclapThunderclap
3rd Ability [malphite:3]   Ground SlamGround Slam
Ultimate [malphite:ult]   Unstoppable ForceUnstoppable Force

Master Yi

Champion [master yi]   Master YiMaster Yi
Passive [master yi:passive]   Double StrikeDouble Strike
1st Ability [master yi:1]   Alpha StrikeAlpha Strike
2nd Ability [master yi:2]   MeditateMeditate
3rd Ability [master yi:3]   Wuju StyleWuju Style
Ultimate [master yi:ult]   HighlanderHighlander

Miss Fortune

Champion [miss fortune]   Miss FortuneMiss Fortune
Passive [miss fortune:passive]   Love TapLove Tap
1st Ability [miss fortune:1]   Double UpDouble Up
2nd Ability [miss fortune:2]   StrutStrut
3rd Ability [miss fortune:3]   Make It RainMake It Rain
Ultimate [miss fortune:ult]   Bullet TimeBullet Time


Champion [morgana]   MorganaMorgana
Passive [morgana:passive]   Soul SiphonSoul Siphon
1st Ability [morgana:1]   Dark BindingDark Binding
2nd Ability [morgana:2]   Tormented ShadowTormented Shadow
3rd Ability [morgana:3]   Black ShieldBlack Shield
Ultimate [morgana:ult]   Soul ShacklesSoul Shackles


Champion [nami]   NamiNami
Passive [nami:passive]   Surging TidesSurging Tides
1st Ability [nami:1]   Aqua PrisonAqua Prison
2nd Ability [nami:2]   Ebb And FlowEbb And Flow
3rd Ability [nami:3]   Tidecaller's BlessingTidecaller's Blessing
Ultimate [nami:ult]   Tidal WaveTidal Wave


Champion [nasus]   NasusNasus
Passive [nasus:passive]   Soul EaterSoul Eater
1st Ability [nasus:1]   Siphoning StrikeSiphoning Strike
2nd Ability [nasus:2]   WitherWither
3rd Ability [nasus:3]   Spirit FireSpirit Fire
Ultimate [nasus:ult]   Fury Of The SandsFury Of The Sands


Champion [nautilus]   NautilusNautilus
Passive [nautilus:passive]   Staggering BlowStaggering Blow
1st Ability [nautilus:1]   Dredge LineDredge Line
2nd Ability [nautilus:2]   Titan's WrathTitan's Wrath
3rd Ability [nautilus:3]   RiptideRiptide
Ultimate [nautilus:ult]   Depth ChargeDepth Charge


Champion [nilah]   NilahNilah
Passive [nilah:passive]   Joy UnendingJoy Unending
1st Ability [nilah:1]   Formless BladeFormless Blade
2nd Ability [nilah:2]   Jubilant VeilJubilant Veil
3rd Ability [nilah:3]   SlipstreamSlipstream
Ultimate [nilah:ult]   ApotheosisApotheosis

Nunu & Willump

Champion [nunu & willump]   Nunu & WillumpNunu & Willump
Passive [nunu & willump:passive]   Call Of The FreljordCall Of The Freljord
1st Ability [nunu & willump:1]   ConsumeConsume
2nd Ability [nunu & willump:2]   Biggest Snowball Ever!Biggest Snowball Ever!
3rd Ability [nunu & willump:3]   Snowball BarrageSnowball Barrage
Ultimate [nunu & willump:ult]   Absolute ZeroAbsolute Zero


Champion [olaf]   OlafOlaf
Passive [olaf:passive]   Berserker RageBerserker Rage
1st Ability [olaf:1]   UndertowUndertow
2nd Ability [olaf:2]   Vicious StrikesVicious Strikes
3rd Ability [olaf:3]   Reckless SwingReckless Swing
Ultimate [olaf:ult]   RagnarokRagnarok


Champion [orianna]   OriannaOrianna
Passive [orianna:passive]   Clockwork WindupClockwork Windup
1st Ability [orianna:1]   Command: AttackCommand: Attack
2nd Ability [orianna:2]   Command: DissonanceCommand: Dissonance
3rd Ability [orianna:3]   Command: ProtectCommand: Protect
Ultimate [orianna:ult]   Command: ShockwaveCommand: Shockwave


Champion [ornn]   OrnnOrnn
Passive [ornn:passive]   Living ForgeLiving Forge
1st Ability [ornn:1]   Volcanic RuptureVolcanic Rupture
2nd Ability [ornn:2]   Bellows Breath Bellows Breath
3rd Ability [ornn:3]   Searing ChargeSearing Charge
Ultimate [ornn:ult]   Call Of The Forge GodCall Of The Forge God


Champion [pantheon]   PantheonPantheon
Passive [pantheon:passive]   Mortal WillMortal Will
1st Ability [pantheon:1]   Comet SpearComet Spear
2nd Ability [pantheon:2]   Shield VaultShield Vault
3rd Ability [pantheon:3]   Aegis AssaultAegis Assault
Ultimate [pantheon:ult]   Grand StarfallGrand Starfall


Champion [pyke]   PykePyke
Passive [pyke:passive]   Gift Of The Drowned OnesGift Of The Drowned Ones
1st Ability [pyke:1]   Bone SkewerBone Skewer
2nd Ability [pyke:2]   Ghostwater DiveGhostwater Dive
3rd Ability [pyke:3]   Phantom UndertowPhantom Undertow
Ultimate [pyke:ult]   Death From BelowDeath From Below


Champion [rakan]   RakanRakan
Passive [rakan:passive]   Fey FeathersFey Feathers
1st Ability [rakan:1]   Gleaming QuillGleaming Quill
2nd Ability [rakan:2]   Grand EntranceGrand Entrance
3rd Ability [rakan:3]   Battle DanceBattle Dance
Ultimate [rakan:ult]   The QuicknessThe Quickness


Champion [rammus]   RammusRammus
Passive [rammus:passive]   Rolling ArmordilloRolling Armordillo
1st Ability [rammus:1]   PowerballPowerball
2nd Ability [rammus:2]   Defensive Ball CurlDefensive Ball Curl
3rd Ability [rammus:3]   Frenzying TauntFrenzying Taunt
Ultimate [rammus:ult]   Soaring SlamSoaring Slam


Champion [renekton]   RenektonRenekton
Passive [renekton:passive]   Reign Of AngerReign Of Anger
1st Ability [renekton:1]   Cull The MeekCull The Meek
2nd Ability [renekton:2]   Ruthless PredatorRuthless Predator
3rd Ability [renekton:3]   Slice And DiceSlice And Dice
Ultimate [renekton:ult]   DominusDominus


Champion [rengar]   RengarRengar
Passive [rengar:passive]   Unseen PredatorUnseen Predator
1st Ability [rengar:1]   SavagerySavagery
2nd Ability [rengar:2]   Battle RoarBattle Roar
3rd Ability [rengar:3]   Bola StrikeBola Strike
Ultimate [rengar:ult]   Thrill Of The HuntThrill Of The Hunt


Champion [riven]   RivenRiven
Passive [riven:passive]   Runic BladeRunic Blade
1st Ability [riven:1]   Broken WingsBroken Wings
2nd Ability [riven:2]   Ki BurstKi Burst
3rd Ability [riven:3]   ValorValor
Ultimate [riven:ult]   Blade Of The ExileBlade Of The Exile


Champion [samira]   SamiraSamira
Passive [samira:passive]   Daredevil ImpulseDaredevil Impulse
1st Ability [samira:1]   FlairFlair
2nd Ability [samira:2]   Blade WhirlBlade Whirl
3rd Ability [samira:3]   Wild RushWild Rush
Ultimate [samira:ult]   Inferno TriggerInferno Trigger


Champion [senna]   SennaSenna
Passive [senna:passive]   AbsolutionAbsolution
1st Ability [senna:1]   Piercing DarknessPiercing Darkness
2nd Ability [senna:2]   Last EmbraceLast Embrace
3rd Ability [senna:3]   Curse Of The Black MistCurse Of The Black Mist
Ultimate [senna:ult]   Dawning ShadowDawning Shadow


Champion [seraphine]   SeraphineSeraphine
Passive [seraphine:passive]   Stage PresenceStage Presence
1st Ability [seraphine:1]   High NoteHigh Note
2nd Ability [seraphine:2]   Surround SoundSurround Sound
3rd Ability [seraphine:3]   Beat DropBeat Drop
Ultimate [seraphine:ult]   EncoreEncore


Champion [sett]   SettSett
Passive [sett:passive]   Pit GritPit Grit
1st Ability [sett:1]   Knuckle DownKnuckle Down
2nd Ability [sett:2]   HaymakerHaymaker
3rd Ability [sett:3]   FacebreakerFacebreaker
Ultimate [sett:ult]   The Show StopperThe Show Stopper


Champion [shen]   ShenShen
Passive [shen:passive]   Ki BarrierKi Barrier
1st Ability [shen:1]   Twilight AssaultTwilight Assault
2nd Ability [shen:2]   Spirit's RefugeSpirit's Refuge
3rd Ability [shen:3]   Shadow DashShadow Dash
Ultimate [shen:ult]   Stand UnitedStand United


Champion [shyvana]   ShyvanaShyvana
Passive [shyvana:passive]   Fury Of The DragonbornFury Of The Dragonborn
1st Ability [shyvana:1]   Twin BiteTwin Bite
2nd Ability [shyvana:2]   BurnoutBurnout
3rd Ability [shyvana:3]   Flame BreathFlame Breath
Ultimate [shyvana:ult]   Dragon's DescentDragon's Descent


Champion [singed]   SingedSinged
Passive [singed:passive]   Noxious SlipstreamNoxious Slipstream
1st Ability [singed:1]   Poison TrailPoison Trail
2nd Ability [singed:2]   Mega AdhesiveMega Adhesive
3rd Ability [singed:3]   FlingFling
Ultimate [singed:ult]   Insanity PotionInsanity Potion


Champion [sion]   SionSion
Passive [sion:passive]   Glory In DeathGlory In Death
1st Ability [sion:1]   Decimating SmashDecimating Smash
2nd Ability [sion:2]   Soul FurnaceSoul Furnace
3rd Ability [sion:3]   Roar Of The SlayerRoar Of The Slayer
Ultimate [sion:ult]   Unstoppable OnslaughtUnstoppable Onslaught


Champion [sivir]   SivirSivir
Passive [sivir:passive]   Fleet Of FootFleet Of Foot
1st Ability [sivir:1]   Boomerang BladeBoomerang Blade
2nd Ability [sivir:2]   RicochetRicochet
3rd Ability [sivir:3]   Spell ShieldSpell Shield
Ultimate [sivir:ult]   On The HuntOn The Hunt


Champion [sona]   SonaSona
Passive [sona:passive]   Power ChordPower Chord
1st Ability [sona:1]   Hymn Of ValorHymn Of Valor
2nd Ability [sona:2]   Aria Of PerseveranceAria Of Perseverance
3rd Ability [sona:3]   Song Of CeleritySong Of Celerity
Ultimate [sona:ult]   CrescendoCrescendo


Champion [soraka]   SorakaSoraka
Passive [soraka:passive]   SalvationSalvation
1st Ability [soraka:1]   StarcallStarcall
2nd Ability [soraka:2]   Astral InfusionAstral Infusion
3rd Ability [soraka:3]   EquinoxEquinox
Ultimate [soraka:ult]   WishWish


Champion [swain]   SwainSwain
Passive [swain:passive]   Ravenous FlockRavenous Flock
1st Ability [swain:1]   Death's HandDeath's Hand
2nd Ability [swain:2]   Vision Of Empire Vision Of Empire
3rd Ability [swain:3]   Nevermove Nevermove
Ultimate [swain:ult]   Demonic AscensionDemonic Ascension


Champion [syndra]   SyndraSyndra
Passive [syndra:passive]   TranscendentTranscendent
1st Ability [syndra:1]   Dark SphereDark Sphere
2nd Ability [syndra:2]   Force Of WillForce Of Will
3rd Ability [syndra:3]   Scatter The WeakScatter The Weak
Ultimate [syndra:ult]   Unleashed PowerUnleashed Power


Champion [teemo]   TeemoTeemo
Passive [teemo:passive]   Toxic ShotToxic Shot
1st Ability [teemo:1]   Blinding DartBlinding Dart
2nd Ability [teemo:2]   Move QuickMove Quick
3rd Ability [teemo:3]   Guerilla WarfareGuerilla Warfare
Ultimate [teemo:ult]   Noxious TrapNoxious Trap


Champion [thresh]   ThreshThresh
Passive [thresh:passive]   DamnationDamnation
1st Ability [thresh:1]   Death SentenceDeath Sentence
2nd Ability [thresh:2]   Dark PassageDark Passage
3rd Ability [thresh:3]   FlayFlay
Ultimate [thresh:ult]   The BoxThe Box


Champion [tristana]   TristanaTristana
Passive [tristana:passive]   Draw A BeadDraw A Bead
1st Ability [tristana:1]   Rapid FireRapid Fire
2nd Ability [tristana:2]   Rocket JumpRocket Jump
3rd Ability [tristana:3]   Explosive ChargeExplosive Charge
Ultimate [tristana:ult]   Buster ShotBuster Shot


Champion [tryndamere]   TryndamereTryndamere
Passive [tryndamere:passive]   Battle FuryBattle Fury
1st Ability [tryndamere:1]   BloodlustBloodlust
2nd Ability [tryndamere:2]   Mocking ShoutMocking Shout
3rd Ability [tryndamere:3]   Spinning SlashSpinning Slash
Ultimate [tryndamere:ult]   Undying RageUndying Rage

Twisted Fate

Champion [twisted fate]   Twisted FateTwisted Fate
Passive [twisted fate:passive]   Loaded DiceLoaded Dice
1st Ability [twisted fate:1]   Wild CardsWild Cards
2nd Ability [twisted fate:2]   Pick A CardPick A Card
3rd Ability [twisted fate:3]   Stacked DeckStacked Deck
Ultimate [twisted fate:ult]   DestinyDestiny


Champion [twitch]   TwitchTwitch
Passive [twitch:passive]   Deadly VenomDeadly Venom
1st Ability [twitch:1]   AmbushAmbush
2nd Ability [twitch:2]   Venom CaskVenom Cask
3rd Ability [twitch:3]   ContaminateContaminate
Ultimate [twitch:ult]   Spray And PraySpray And Pray


Champion [urgot]   UrgotUrgot
Passive [urgot:passive]   Echoing FlamesEchoing Flames
1st Ability [urgot:1]   Corrosive ChargeCorrosive Charge
2nd Ability [urgot:2]   PurgePurge
3rd Ability [urgot:3]   DisdainDisdain
Ultimate [urgot:ult]   Fear Beyond DeathFear Beyond Death


Champion [varus]   VarusVarus
Passive [varus:passive]   Living VengeanceLiving Vengeance
1st Ability [varus:1]   Piercing ArrowPiercing Arrow
2nd Ability [varus:2]   Blighted QuiverBlighted Quiver
3rd Ability [varus:3]   Hail Of ArrowsHail Of Arrows
Ultimate [varus:ult]   Chain Of CorruptionChain Of Corruption


Champion [vayne]   VayneVayne
Passive [vayne:passive]   Night HunterNight Hunter
1st Ability [vayne:1]   TumbleTumble
2nd Ability [vayne:2]   Silver BoltsSilver Bolts
3rd Ability [vayne:3]   CondemnCondemn
Ultimate [vayne:ult]   Final HourFinal Hour


Champion [veigar]   VeigarVeigar
Passive [veigar:passive]   Phenomenal Evil PowerPhenomenal Evil Power
1st Ability [veigar:1]   Baleful StrikeBaleful Strike
2nd Ability [veigar:2]   Dark MatterDark Matter
3rd Ability [veigar:3]   Event HorizonEvent Horizon
Ultimate [veigar:ult]   Primordial BurstPrimordial Burst


Champion [vex]   VexVex
Passive [vex:passive]   Doom 'n GloomDoom 'n Gloom
1st Ability [vex:1]   Mistral BoltMistral Bolt
2nd Ability [vex:2]   Personal SpacePersonal Space
3rd Ability [vex:3]   Looming DarknessLooming Darkness
Ultimate [vex:ult]   Shadow SurgeShadow Surge


Champion [vi]   ViVi
Passive [vi:passive]   Denting BlowsDenting Blows
1st Ability [vi:1]   Vault BreakerVault Breaker
2nd Ability [vi:2]   Blast ShieldBlast Shield
3rd Ability [vi:3]   Excessive ForceExcessive Force
Ultimate [vi:ult]   Assault And BatteryAssault And Battery


Champion [vladimir]   VladimirVladimir
Passive [vladimir:passive]   Crimson PactCrimson Pact
1st Ability [vladimir:1]   TransfusionTransfusion
2nd Ability [vladimir:2]   Sanguine PoolSanguine Pool
3rd Ability [vladimir:3]   Tides Of BloodTides Of Blood
Ultimate [vladimir:ult]   HemoplagueHemoplague


Champion [volibear]   VolibearVolibear
Passive [volibear:passive]   The Relentless StormThe Relentless Storm
1st Ability [volibear:1]   Thundering SmashThundering Smash
2nd Ability [volibear:2]   Frenzied MaulFrenzied Maul
3rd Ability [volibear:3]   Sky SplitterSky Splitter
Ultimate [volibear:ult]   StormbringerStormbringer


Champion [warwick]   WarwickWarwick
Passive [warwick:passive]   Eternal HungerEternal Hunger
1st Ability [warwick:1]   Jaws Of The BeastJaws Of The Beast
2nd Ability [warwick:2]   BloodhuntBloodhunt
3rd Ability [warwick:3]   Primal HowlPrimal Howl
Ultimate [warwick:ult]   Infinite DuressInfinite Duress


Champion [wukong]   WukongWukong
Passive [wukong:passive]   Crushing BlowsCrushing Blows
1st Ability [wukong:1]   Golden StaffGolden Staff
2nd Ability [wukong:2]   Warrior TricksterWarrior Trickster
3rd Ability [wukong:3]   Nimbus StrikeNimbus Strike
Ultimate [wukong:ult]   CycloneCyclone


Champion [xayah]   XayahXayah
Passive [xayah:passive]   Clean CutsClean Cuts
1st Ability [xayah:1]   Double DaggersDouble Daggers
2nd Ability [xayah:2]   Deadly PlumageDeadly Plumage
3rd Ability [xayah:3]   BladecallerBladecaller
Ultimate [xayah:ult]   FeatherstormFeatherstorm

Xin Zhao

Champion [xin zhao]   Xin ZhaoXin Zhao
Passive [xin zhao:passive]   DeterminationDetermination
1st Ability [xin zhao:1]   Three Talon StrikeThree Talon Strike
2nd Ability [xin zhao:2]   Wind Becomes LightningWind Becomes Lightning
3rd Ability [xin zhao:3]   Audacious ChargeAudacious Charge
Ultimate [xin zhao:ult]   Crescent GuardCrescent Guard


Champion [yasuo]   YasuoYasuo
Passive [yasuo:passive]   Way Of The WandererWay Of The Wanderer
1st Ability [yasuo:1]   Steel TempestSteel Tempest
2nd Ability [yasuo:2]   Wind WallWind Wall
3rd Ability [yasuo:3]   Sweeping BladeSweeping Blade
Ultimate [yasuo:ult]   Last BreathLast Breath


Champion [yone]   YoneYone
Passive [yone:passive]   Way Of The HunterWay Of The Hunter
1st Ability [yone:1]   Mortal SteelMortal Steel
2nd Ability [yone:2]   Spirit CleaveSpirit Cleave
3rd Ability [yone:3]   Soul UnboundSoul Unbound
Ultimate [yone:ult]   Fate SealedFate Sealed


Champion [yuumi]   YuumiYuumi
Passive [yuumi:passive]   Bop 'n' BlockBop 'n' Block
1st Ability [yuumi:1]   Prowling ProjectileProwling Projectile
2nd Ability [yuumi:2]   You And Me!You And Me!
3rd Ability [yuumi:3]   ZoomiesZoomies
Ultimate [yuumi:ult]   Final ChapterFinal Chapter


Champion [zed]   ZedZed
Passive [zed:passive]   Contempt For The WeakContempt For The Weak
1st Ability [zed:1]   Razor ShurikenRazor Shuriken
2nd Ability [zed:2]   Living ShadowLiving Shadow
3rd Ability [zed:3]   Shadow SlashShadow Slash
Ultimate [zed:ult]   Death MarkDeath Mark


Champion [zeri]   ZeriZeri
Passive [zeri:passive]   Living BatteryLiving Battery
1st Ability [zeri:1]   Electrocute!Electrocute!
2nd Ability [zeri:2]   Ultrashock LaserUltrashock Laser
3rd Ability [zeri:3]   Spark SurgeSpark Surge
Ultimate [zeri:ult]   Lightning CrashLightning Crash


Champion [ziggs]   ZiggsZiggs
Passive [ziggs:passive]   Short FuseShort Fuse
1st Ability [ziggs:1]   Bouncing BombBouncing Bomb
2nd Ability [ziggs:2]   Satchel ChargeSatchel Charge
3rd Ability [ziggs:3]   Hexplosive MinefieldHexplosive Minefield
Ultimate [ziggs:ult]   Mega Inferno BombMega Inferno Bomb


Champion [zoe]   ZoeZoe
Passive [zoe:passive]   More Sparkles!More Sparkles!
1st Ability [zoe:1]   Paddle Star!Paddle Star!
2nd Ability [zoe:2]   Spell ThiefSpell Thief
3rd Ability [zoe:3]   Sleepy Trouble BubbleSleepy Trouble Bubble
Ultimate [zoe:ult]   Portal JumpPortal Jump


Champion [zyra]   ZyraZyra
Passive [zyra:passive]   Garden Of ThornsGarden Of Thorns
1st Ability [zyra:1]   Deadly SpinesDeadly Spines
2nd Ability [zyra:2]   Rampant GrowthRampant Growth
3rd Ability [zyra:3]   Grasping RootsGrasping Roots
Ultimate [zyra:ult]   StranglethornsStranglethorns


[abyssal mask]   Abyssal MaskAbyssal Mask
[adaptive helm]   Adaptive HelmAdaptive Helm
[aether wisp]   Aether WispAether Wisp
[amaranth twinguard]   Amaranth TwinguardAmaranth Twinguard
[amplifying tome]   Amplifying TomeAmplifying Tome
[archangel's staff]   Archangel's StaffArchangel's Staff
[ardent censer]   Ardent CenserArdent Censer
[athene's unholy grail]   Athene's Unholy GrailAthene's Unholy Grail
[awakened soulstealer]   Awakened SoulstealerAwakened Soulstealer
[b.f. sword]   B.F. SwordB.F. Sword
[bami's cinder]   Bami's CinderBami's Cinder
[banshee's veil]   Banshee's VeilBanshee's Veil
[black cleaver]   Black CleaverBlack Cleaver
[blade of the ruined king]   Blade of the Ruined KingBlade of the Ruined King
[blasting wand]   Blasting WandBlasting Wand
[bloodthirster]   BloodthirsterBloodthirster
[boots of speed]   Boots of SpeedBoots of Speed
[boots of swiftness]   Boots of SwiftnessBoots of Swiftness
[bramble vest]   Bramble VestBramble Vest
[brawler's gloves]   Brawler's GlovesBrawler's Gloves
[catalyst of aeons]   Catalyst of AeonsCatalyst of Aeons
[caulfield's warhammer]   Caulfield's WarhammerCaulfield's Warhammer
[chain vest]   Chain VestChain Vest
[cloak of agility]   Cloak of AgilityCloak of Agility
[cloth armor]   Cloth ArmorCloth Armor
[cosmic drive]   Cosmic DriveCosmic Drive
[crystalline reflector]   Crystalline ReflectorCrystalline Reflector
[dagger]   DaggerDagger
[dawnshroud ]   Dawnshroud Dawnshroud
[dead man's plate]   Dead Man's PlateDead Man's Plate
[death's dance]   Death's DanceDeath's Dance
[divine sunderer]   Divine SundererDivine Sunderer
[duskblade of draktharr]   Duskblade of DraktharrDuskblade of Draktharr
[edge of night]   Edge of NightEdge of Night
[essence reaver]   Essence ReaverEssence Reaver
[executioner's calling]   Executioner's CallingExecutioner's Calling
[fiendish codex]   Fiendish CodexFiendish Codex
[fimbulwinter]   FimbulwinterFimbulwinter
[force of nature]   Force of NatureForce of Nature
[frozen heart]   Frozen HeartFrozen Heart
[frozen mallet]   Frozen MalletFrozen Mallet
[gargoyle enchant]   Gargoyle EnchantGargoyle Enchant
[giant's belt]   Giant's BeltGiant's Belt
[glacial shroud]   Glacial ShroudGlacial Shroud
[glorious enchant]   Glorious EnchantGlorious Enchant
[gluttonous greaves]   Gluttonous GreavesGluttonous Greaves
[guardian angel]   Guardian AngelGuardian Angel
[harmonic echo]   Harmonic EchoHarmonic Echo
[haunting guise]   Haunting GuiseHaunting Guise
[hexdrinker]   HexdrinkerHexdrinker
[hextech gunblade]   Hextech GunbladeHextech Gunblade
[hextech megadrive]   Hextech MegadriveHextech Megadrive
[hextech revolver]   Hextech RevolverHextech Revolver
[horizon focus]   Horizon FocusHorizon Focus
[hullbreaker]   HullbreakerHullbreaker
[iceborn gauntlet]   Iceborn GauntletIceborn Gauntlet
[imperial mandate]   Imperial MandateImperial Mandate
[infinity edge]   Infinity EdgeInfinity Edge
[infinity orb]   Infinity OrbInfinity Orb
[ionian boots of lucidity]   Ionian Boots of LucidityIonian Boots of Lucidity
[ixtali seedjar]   Ixtali SeedjarIxtali Seedjar
[jaurim's fist]   Jaurim's FistJaurim's Fist
[kindlegem]   KindlegemKindlegem
[kircheis shard]   Kircheis ShardKircheis Shard
[last whisper]   Last WhisperLast Whisper
[liandry's torment]   Liandry's TormentLiandry's Torment
[lich bane]   Lich BaneLich Bane
[locket enchant ]   Locket Enchant Locket Enchant
[long sword]   Long SwordLong Sword
[lord dominik's regards]   Lord Dominik's RegardsLord Dominik's Regards
[lost chapter]   Lost ChapterLost Chapter
[luden's echo]   Luden's EchoLuden's Echo
[magnetron enchant]   Magnetron EnchantMagnetron Enchant
[manamune]   ManamuneManamune
[mantle of the twelfth hour]   Mantle of the Twelfth HourMantle of the Twelfth Hour
[maw of malmortius]   Maw of MalmortiusMaw of Malmortius
[mercury's treads]   Mercury's TreadsMercury's Treads
[meteor enchant]   Meteor EnchantMeteor Enchant
[morellonomicon]   MorellonomiconMorellonomicon
[mortal reminder]   Mortal ReminderMortal Reminder
[muramana]   MuramanaMuramana
[nashor's tooth]   Nashor's ToothNashor's Tooth
[navori quickblades]   Navori QuickbladesNavori Quickblades
[needlessly large rod]   Needlessly Large RodNeedlessly Large Rod
[negatron cloak]   Negatron CloakNegatron Cloak
[null-magic mantle]   Null-Magic MantleNull-Magic Mantle
[oblivion orb]   Oblivion OrbOblivion Orb
[phage]   PhagePhage
[phantom dancer]   Phantom DancerPhantom Dancer
[plated steelcaps]   Plated SteelcapsPlated Steelcaps
[prophet's pendant]   Prophet's PendantProphet's Pendant
[protect enchant]   Protect EnchantProtect Enchant
[protector's vow]   Protector's VowProtector's Vow
[protobelt enchant]   Protobelt EnchantProtobelt Enchant
[quicksilver enchant]   Quicksilver EnchantQuicksilver Enchant
[rabadon's deathcap]   Rabadon's DeathcapRabadon's Deathcap
[randuin's omen]   Randuin's OmenRanduin's Omen
[rapid firecannon]   Rapid FirecannonRapid Firecannon
[recurve bow]   Recurve BowRecurve Bow
[redeeming enchant]   Redeeming EnchantRedeeming Enchant
[relic shield]   Relic ShieldRelic Shield
[repulsor enchant]   Repulsor EnchantRepulsor Enchant
[riftmaker]   RiftmakerRiftmaker
[rod of ages]   Rod of AgesRod of Ages
[ruby crystal]   Ruby CrystalRuby Crystal
[runaan's hurricane]   Runaan's HurricaneRunaan's Hurricane
[rylai's crystal scepter]   Rylai's Crystal ScepterRylai's Crystal Scepter
[sapphire crystal]   Sapphire CrystalSapphire Crystal
[searing crown]   Searing CrownSearing Crown
[seeker's armguard]   Seeker's ArmguardSeeker's Armguard
[seraph's embrace]   Seraph's EmbraceSeraph's Embrace
[serpent's fang]   Serpent's FangSerpent's Fang
[serrated dirk]   Serrated DirkSerrated Dirk
[serylda's grudge]   Serylda's GrudgeSerylda's Grudge
[shadows enchant]   Shadows EnchantShadows Enchant
[sheen]   SheenSheen
[solari chargeblade]   Solari ChargebladeSolari Chargeblade
[spectral sickle]   Spectral SickleSpectral Sickle
[spectre's cowl]   Spectre's CowlSpectre's Cowl
[spirit visage]   Spirit VisageSpirit Visage
[staff of flowing waters]   Staff of Flowing WatersStaff of Flowing Waters
[stasis enchant ]   Stasis Enchant Stasis Enchant
[statikk shiv]   Statikk ShivStatikk Shiv
[sterak's gage]   Sterak's GageSterak's Gage
[stinger]   StingerStinger
[stormrazor]   StormrazorStormrazor
[sunfire aegis]   Sunfire AegisSunfire Aegis
[tear of the goddess]   Tear of the GoddessTear of the Goddess
[teleport enchant]   Teleport EnchantTeleport Enchant
[thornmail]   ThornmailThornmail
[trinity force]   Trinity ForceTrinity Force
[umbral glaive]   Umbral GlaiveUmbral Glaive
[vampiric scepter]   Vampiric ScepterVampiric Scepter
[veil enchant]   Veil EnchantVeil Enchant
[void amethyst]   Void AmethystVoid Amethyst
[void staff]   Void StaffVoid Staff
[warden's mail]   Warden's MailWarden's Mail
[warmog's armor]   Warmog's ArmorWarmog's Armor
[winged moonplate]   Winged MoonplateWinged Moonplate
[winter's approach]   Winter's ApproachWinter's Approach
[wit's end]   Wit's EndWit's End
[youmuu's ghostblade]   Youmuu's GhostbladeYoumuu's Ghostblade
[zeal]   ZealZeal
[zeke's convergence]   Zeke's ConvergenceZeke's Convergence


[adaptive carapace]   Adaptive CarapaceAdaptive Carapace
[aftershock]   AftershockAftershock
[bone plating]   Bone PlatingBone Plating
[brutal]   BrutalBrutal
[champion]   ChampionChampion
[conditioning]   ConditioningConditioning
[conqueror]   ConquerorConqueror
[electrocute]   ElectrocuteElectrocute
[fleet footwork]   Fleet FootworkFleet Footwork
[font of life]   Font of LifeFont of Life
[gathering storm]   Gathering StormGathering Storm
[giant slayer]   Giant SlayerGiant Slayer
[grasp of the undying]   Grasp of the UndyingGrasp of the Undying
[hunter genius]   Hunter GeniusHunter Genius
[hunter titan]   Hunter TitanHunter Titan
[hunter vampirism]   Hunter VampirismHunter Vampirism
[kraken slayer]   Kraken SlayerKraken Slayer
[lethal tempo]   Lethal TempoLethal Tempo
[loyalty]   LoyaltyLoyalty
[manaflow band]   Manaflow BandManaflow Band
[mastermind]   MastermindMastermind
[nimbus cloak]   Nimbus CloakNimbus Cloak
[nullifying orb]   Nullifying OrbNullifying Orb
[pack hunter]   Pack HunterPack Hunter
[pathfinder]   PathfinderPathfinder
[phase rush]   Phase RushPhase Rush
[scorch]   ScorchScorch
[second wind]   Second WindSecond Wind
[sudden impact]   Sudden ImpactSudden Impact
[summon aery]   Summon AerySummon Aery
[sweet tooth]   Sweet ToothSweet Tooth
[triumph]   TriumphTriumph
[ultimate shield]   Ultimate ShieldUltimate Shield
[weakness]   WeaknessWeakness

Summoner Spells

[barrier]   BarrierBarrier
[clarity]   ClarityClarity
[exhaust]   ExhaustExhaust
[flash]   FlashFlash
[ghost]   GhostGhost
[heal]   HealHeal
[ignite]   IgniteIgnite
[mark and dash]   Mark and DashMark and Dash
[smite]   SmiteSmite