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Wild Rift Tier List

Looking for the best champions this season? Why don’t you check out our Wild Rift Tier List

If you’re aiming to grind and tread your path towards becoming a Challenger, it’s best to know which champions are currently dominating and falling off

Wild Rift Tier List 4.1

Wildriftguides.gg presents to you our Wild Rift Tier List ranking champions for each lane from S+ to C based on this champion ranking.

This tier list is regularly updated and carefully constructed to show which champions are currently at their best in the recent meta. Champions are ranked according to how well they performed overall throughout all ranks. But, higher Ranks (Emerald+) are where their effectiveness is valued more. 

This gives an idea on which to play on solo queue or with friends, or which champions to ban. It’s worth taking note though that following tier lists and using the champions on top cannot guarantee wins, but using them will surely put you at an advantage. If you’ve successfully found your best champion, navigate to our Wild Rift guides tab to start your journey with them. 

What is a Wild Rift Tier List?

Welcome to the Wild Rift Tier List! Stay updated on the current meta and take a good look at our LoL Wild Rift tier list, highlighting champions who are considered to be the strongest in the present for each lane or role.

Every patch, Riot games releases new champions, items and introduces new mechanics and  updates to ensure balance across the Summoner’s Rift. This mostly causes the current meta to be shaken up, leaving some champions being a lot more stronger than the rest. 

In video game culture, Tier lists are frequently used in video games to rank characters according to their skills, performance, and viability in competitive play. A character is deemed to be more powerful and helpful the higher up on the tier list they are. Characters near the bottom of the tier list, on the other hand, are frequently thought of as being weaker or less useful in competitive play. It's critical to remember that tier lists don't exactly guarantee wins. They're intended to act as a guide and a jumping off point for gamers who desire to sharpen their gaming and acquire an advantage over their opponents. This is basically how our Wild Rift tier lists work.

What is the Wild Rift Tier List criteria?

Wild Rift champions are classified into six rankings depending on their viability in a particular patch or season. WIth constant addition of champions, items and mechanics, and continuous attempt to balance the game through updates, some champions tend to become stronger while the others may become a bit weaker. Aside from it, pro play and competitive scene also influences it at some point. 

Here’s the criteria for our Wild Rift Tier List:

S+ Tier: S+ Tier champions are the ones who stand on the top of the hierarchy. The current best champions in this season. This goes to say that these champions must be picked to increase your chances of winning, or ban them. 

S Tier: Stronger champions who sit next to S+ champions. They are not the best but under the right hands, these champions can dominate the game with ease. Along with S+ tier champions, picking them can make your grind towards challenger way easier. 

A+ Tier: A+ tier involves champions that are viable and considered as safe picks. 

A Tier: Decent champions that you can pick. They’re not as impactful as the champions from S tier but can still give you more wins provided that you’re skilled enough to make them work.

B Tier: Average champions make up the B-tier. 

C Tier: Meta-wise, C-tier champions are the weakest currently but that doesn’t mean you’ll automatically lose when using them. Winning using these champions though will require more skill and effort.